About the Author

Author Susan Howell

“Very well written. You will not put it down.”

William Guy, Book Reviewer

Susan Howell is a native Texan whose youth included the luxury and experiences that dreams are made of. From exclusive boarding schools in Europe to worldwide travels at the drop of a hat, Susan crammed a lifetime of living into her early decades.     

During that time, Susan and her parents hosted so many parties for U.S. political leaders, business tycoons, and foreign dignitaries at her palatial home (“The Big House”) that her bedroom was known as the Presidents Room because five U.S. Presidents stayed there overnight.

Susan’s career milestones include witnessing the first flight of the Concord, which occurred while it was still in manufacture; being a passenger aboard the first commercial jet flight across the Atlantic Ocean; and often being the first woman to visit military bases in the allied nations across the globe.

Domestically, Susan’s position among Fort Worth’s social elite and her father’s connections to state and national leaders gave her access to the true inside stories of the development of the worldwide oil industry. Drawing on her experience as a world traveler and the stories that these oil tycoons would share, she created Oil Rush, The International Tug of War, a richly entertaining spy intrigue that mixes history, fiction and fable to entertain her worldwide audience.

A resident of Fort Worth, Susan is a proud grandmother who regularly visits her four children and four grandchildren when she is not working on her sequel to Oil Rush.

Susan is offering her novel as:

An exclusive leather bound Limited Edition that is hand numbered and hand signed by the author. $69.95

An attractive hardback version that will quickly take a prized place among your favorite romance novels.  $34.95

A soft cover edition that offers the Oil Rush saga in an affordable format. $15.95

A digital version is available for KindleMac and iOS devicesNook, and at a variety of online bookseller sites.  $9.99