The Cold War is the backdrop as the tiny nation of Bahrain becomes an overnight hotbed of international intrigue when spies from Russia and the United States begin jockeying for power in the Middle East. In this pre-OPEC era, whoever controls the region’s oil supplies controls the world’s fragile geopolitics.

In the heart of the intrigue, Alexander Wyatt, a mercurial Texas wildcatter, becomes the unlikely center of the storm. As the superpowers vie to fill the void left by the British withdrawal from the region, Wyatt sends his beautiful and willful granddaughter, Melanie, on an intercontinental adventure filled with spies, intrigue, opulent riches and romance. It all ends with a shattering conclusion that leaves everyone (including the reader) in shock.  

Susan is offering her novel as:

A handsome leather bound Limited Edition that is hand numbered and hand signed by the author is available for $69.95.

An attractive hardback version that will quickly take a prized place among your favorite spy novels is available for $34.95.