The Book


“Susan grabs the reader’s attention and keeps it throughout the book…”

David Walker, Reviewer and Author


Rarely has a novel caused such a stir among the upper crust of Susan’s home town of Fort Worth, Texas; the energy industry; and romance fans nationwide.

In a fascinating mix of opulence, romance and international intrigue, Susan has captured the legendary spirit and bravado of Texas oilmen; fascinating tales of the extravagant lifestyles of the ultra-rich; and the intrigue of America’s clandestine campaign to beat the Russians to supremacy in the pre-OPEC Middle East of the 1960’s.

Following the life, loves and challenges of beautiful Melanie Stuart through the 1960’s, Oil Rush, The International Tug of War is a fascinating peek behind the scenes of the Cold War as American and Russian spies and henchmen vie for control of the region’s unimaginable wealth and power.

Overriding the international intrigue is the beautiful tale of Melanie’s life and loves as she matures from a headstrong girl to a strong, professional woman.

The unforgettable characters include:


Oil Rush Heroine Melanie Stuart

Melanie Stuart
The heroine who evolves from a naïve, young girl to the head of the family and the family business.

  Oil Rush CIA operative Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson
CIA operative who loves Melanie deeply but who can never reveal his darkest secrets to her.

Vanetta Stuart
Melanie’s devious and spiteful sister who delights in undermining Melanie at every turn.

  Oil Rush spy Zerkoff

The deceitful and arrogant Russian spy who is obsessed with bringing the pre-OPEC Middle East under the Communist thumb.

Oil Rush family patriarch Alexander Wyatt

Alexander Wyatt
The shrewd family patriarch whose exploits embroil the family and Melanie in the heart of the international conflict.


Anderson Stuart
Classic Texas oilman who guides his daughter, Melanie, through a maze of family and business labyrinths.

Laura Stuart
The gracious Stuart family matriarch who sets the standards and molds her daughters accordingly.




Susan is offering her novel as:

An exclusive leather bound Limited Edition that is hand numbered and hand signed by the author. $69.95

An attractive hardback version that will quickly take a prized place among your favorite romance novels. $34.95

A soft cover edition that offers the Oil Rush saga in an affordable format. $15.95

A digital version is available for Kindle, Mac and iOS devices, Nook, and at a variety of online bookseller sites. $9.99